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David Harvey

Bulk Operator of 40+ years –reinvigorated, re-energized as a new buyer of the Mighty Mini Crane.  

“This crane is a kid magnet.  The crane captures their attention.  They play it, they win, and they get really excited.

Walt Smith

King Koin Amusement

“The Mighty Mini Crane has been a terrific addition to our list of self-redemption games. It’s small footprint, unique prizes, and winner every time feature puts it in our top 2 in most locations.  It’s probably the best new street piece to come out since Key Master.  We’ve bought a lot of them.”

Rick Krikorian

Rick's Vending

“The Mighty Mouse Mini Crane is small, and all my locations thinks it’s very cute. I love that it’s reliable. Being reliable is especially important to me.”

Russell J Mawdsley

Russell Hall, Inc

“Brad Brown’s Mighty Mini Cranes have proven to be winning additions to our route.  Collections have been consistently good and the ROI is GREAT based upon their affordability and reliability.  The small footprint allows for placement in tight spaces and opens opportunities for new sources of revenue.  Both kids and parents love the “Winner Every Time” play, and the excellent toy mix ensures that everyone goes away happy.”  

Jason Kenney

Golf Land

“We have already placed one Mighty Mini Crane in each one of our 8 multiple FEC Facilities.  We are going to add a second Mighty Mini Crane into most of the locations late spring.  The Winner Every Time Concept is producing better results for us than we ever expected, especially since they only take up a bit more than one square foot of space.  We did not have to move out a machine to place it. The prizes from Ricks Vending are really excellent, and its easy for us to order what we need.  I would recommend this Mighty Mini Crane Winner Every Time Concept for any FEC.”

Sal Licata

Owner of Game Central

“I bought 12 Mighty Mini Cranes last year, and I am planning on buying at least another 10 in 2019.  I can tell you this; I’m not buying 10 Jurassic Parks at $14,000 each, or quite frankly any other type of games in that quantity.  The Mighty Mini Crane is making me relevant again in my existing locations, and in new locations that previously never would allow me to put a game into them before.”  

Jim Erickson

Patton Vending


“We have many of these new Mighty Mini Cranes in different locations.  I can give you my opinion based on operating them for over 6 months now.  I am very impressed with the results.  At first, to be perfectly honest, I was a little skeptical.  I was concerned about the small size of the unit and the rather high price point of $1.25.  I am happy to say that neither of these “issues” has become a problem.  Like any piece of equipment, we have seen varied results, but overall, they have far exceeded our expectations, and we have not experienced any service issues worth noting. We plan on purchasing additional units in the near future.  I want to thank Brad for introducing us to this small crane.”

Rob Rosenberg

City Stickers

City Stickers has been a bulk vending, video, and crane operator since 1988 and has 100’s of locations throughout the Greater Bay Area.

“I was determined not to like The Mighty Mini Crane, then I bought one, then another, then another, then another, then another…..”

Robert McFarland

McFarland Brothers Vending

Brad, thanks a lot. My business partner, Brooks McFarland and I are super pumped about putting our brand new Mighty Mouse Mini Crane into this great new location! My brother and I (hence “McFarland Brothers Vending”) have had our business running for a little over a year. We have about 80 machines in the field, from single head gumball, triple head candy, bouncy ball, a couple candy/toy racks, some drink and snack machines also.

We were super excited to partner with you to acquire our awesome machine and to work with Arin to help secure us a nationwide franchised high traffic establishment for our machine to be in.

For anyone considering a Mighty Mouse Mini Crane, just do it! We’re not a huge company, this was a significant purchase for us. But we’re confident it will be worth it. Also, working with Arin from All City Locators was great.

Thank you Brad and Arin very much for all your help.

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